Red Robin Review

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  • Published : October 3, 2013
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Looking for a fantastic place to spend quality time with family? Red Robin is obviously a phenomenal choice where the whole family can dine! One can’t go wrong with this place. From the eccentric setting, the famous food, and deferential service, this restaurant completely deserves five stars. Red Robin will satisfy every craving. So why waste money or obsess over soggy McDonalds fries, when appetizing steak fries and gourmet burgers are awaiting for just a dollar more? Try burgers such as the mouth-watering Guacamole Bacon Burger, known for its smoky, flavorful bacon. Or possibly the Whiskey River BBQ Burger basted with Red Robin’s signature Whiskey River BBQ Sauce, and lasso’d together with the cheddar cheese, crispy onion straws, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. Also don’t miss out on the spectacular specials that Red Robin holds! For example this month, October, Red Robin is holding an Oktober Feast! They have a special burger out called The Oktoberfest Burger! It’s one of the best in the history of Red Robin! All the flavors dance around in unison in your mouth as if they were all made for each other! Make time for Red Robin to experience the bright, exotic venue, flavorsome steak fries and burgers, and the quick humorous service given each and every day! Red Robin is a creative and exciting venue! To get a picture of Red Robin, imagine walking through two rose-colored doors and joining a party. A mini arcade offers fun and games for the entire family! The arcade is politely placed in the corner; therefore, it will not disturb any customers’ meals. Big bright balloons in almost every color floating around are seen as soon as one-steps over the giant television in the floor. The channels are all kid-friendly and entertaining. Sports network is the most common so muster together co-workers and come cheer the Broncos on and enjoy a Monday night football game. But that’s not all! Each and every table is designed differently, and they are all extremely...
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