Mcdonald's Great Britain - the Turnaround

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  • Published : June 30, 2013
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Summary of the Problem McDonalds spacious Britain experienced a great deal of hardships and changes. McDonalds US sales have steadily change magnitude but Great Britain has not shown any significant increase. The solid ground for the sluggish sales is because of new chains such as Yo! sushi and Nandos Chicken Restaurants which tickled the Great Britains taste. An issue in the fast food industry is the mad cow sc are. at that place are some comments about McDonalds Great Britain standardised a guy just go to McDonalds for a last resort, the texture, the taste and the feel of the burger was different than before. Also, passel are becoming more health conscious. There was also a lawsuit with McDonalds and two green peace activists. For teenagers, McDonalds appeal to their taste thats why McDonalds UK profit 118 Million (in Euro). Lastly, the company monitors news articles and television references. In Great Britain, they have been rated either as negative or deaf(p). They have taken these comments and certain steps to reverse the trend. They developed new menus composed of salads, grilled chicken and fruits. Their burgers and original menus were modify to suit their audiences taste. They also developed new recipes. They informed people about their foods dietary information. They also got Destinys fry to advertise for the new salad line and they brewed coffee in receipt to the rising coffee house trend. CEO of McDonalds UK has a vision for them. They have to give more value to the customer in order to upgrade the McDonalds experience. They should get fundament to the basics of service and cleanliness. They will re-invent their food with various changes in their ingredients to suit the taste of the customers. The CEO wants McDonalds to become eat restaurant because they have opportunities there.
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