Instilled Traits in Human Nature

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  • Published : December 16, 2013
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The human body is an incredibly complex system, and human nature is even more intrinsically sophisticated. There are many traits that are instilled in our genetic makeup, imprinted on us before we even have the chance to decide; but is that really the case for certain aspects of our character? In “Is God An Accident?” by Paul Bloom, “The Selfless Gene” by Olivia Judson, and “The Moral Instinct” by Steven Pinker, three different authors choose to write about three different topics to prove so. Many traits are innate in the human species, while other traits are mere details that are learned as people grow. A debate that has been present for hundreds of years is whether or not there is an existence of God. I believe that the truth is that we as mere human beings cannot scientifically prove the existence of God. Even if we could, the discovery would create other debates and possibly send our world into frenzy, whatever the answer may be. “Is God An Accident?” is an argumentative essay that was written by Paul Bloom, who writes this essay to offer his opinion about the universal belief in God and/or an afterlife, starting with the explanation that, generally speaking, all humans believe in God, or other religious or spiritual figures. To justify this, he writes, “Just about everyone in [the United States]—96 percent in one poll—believes in God” (159). So does this mean that this is an instilled trait in our human nature? We can’t say that the mystery of where religion has been sparked is solved just in one quote without a provided citation. However, in another quote, Bloom states that he believes God is a “by-product of our mental systems”, which can further our understanding into where religion begins (171). This quote may seem like a rather broad statement, but I believe it means that religion is already present in our brains, be it in the conscious or subconscious mind. I think that his assertion is accurate because the human race seems to have some universal idea...
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