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  • Published : October 19, 2014
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Have you ever had a food that you could never forget? You still remember the perfect combination of taste and mouthwatering appearance as you took your first bite. For many, In-N-Out Burger’s famous burgers are unforgettable; “Known for its made-to-order hamburgers, fresh ingredients, and efficient service.” The simple beginning, tidy appearance, basic menu, and customer satisfaction each contribute to the popularity of this restaurant.

One reason the restaurant is so well-known is because of its beginning. Founded in Baldwin Park, California in 1948 by Harry and Esther Snyder, In-N-Out Burger was California’s first drive through restaurant. The couple had the idea of customers being able to drive up and order their food through a two-way speaker unit, which they ultimately accomplished. Many new proposals to open their business elsewhere then arose, and offers were being accepted at a rather rapid pace. The successful opening contributed to the quickly gained popularity. Another reason In-N-Out Burger is rather popular is a result of the notably clean appearance. As part of the promise of Harry and Esther Snyder, every venue has cleanliness worth remembering as there is a policy to maintain tidy quarters. Charlie Palmer states, “The places are incredibly clean. I’m impressed by that”. Even as a restaurant entrepreneur himself, Palmer took note of the pristine premises. Well-kept In-N-Out locations often contribute to the widespread popularity. Also, the simple menu of In-N-Out has remained the same from the very beginning, providing yet another reason for customers to come back. The basic burgers, fries, pop, and shakes displayed on the In-N-Out menu make it very easy to order from. There are three combos to choose from that each include a different burger with fries and a drink, or you can simply choose just one or two of the food choices. Without the complications of numerous added food items, people are able to quickly decide what they’d like...
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