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  • Published : March 9, 2015
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Executive Summary
Due to a rapid decline in sales and bulk of customer complaints from branch to another, the Hamburger Plus, along with its global operations, is planning to make its operations digitally mastered through a system called Creative.  Creative is an ambitious multimillion dollar project which would allow Hamburger Plus management to monitor and actively see how many of its products are being consumed at any of its stores at any time. Furthermore, management can see if a customer in a particular outlet is being served at the desired number of minutes. However, creative’s cost would mean a 200% reduction in stockholders’ shares plus closing down at least 300 of its outlets within the next 5 years.

Target Market Identification
Market Needs
Analysis of Case

To undertake or do not undertake Creative Project.
Hamburger Plus is known worldwide. The company has not introduced another hit product for over so many years since their ever famous “Jumbo Hamburger” which is already 35 years old. Hamburger Plus has a strong brand name. It is known for its signature burgers but it involves to sluggish customer service and slow flipping of burgers.

Key Issues/Goals
As the consultants of the Hamburger Plus company, we opt to recommend to undertake the alternative course of action which is to develop new procedures of servicing customers rather than investing in Creative project.Upon weighing its benefits and cost it gives more advantage and requires a lesser cost. Hence, it is more efficient in addressing the company’s problem regarding the reduction of customers due to service dissatisfaction. Furthermore, with the development of new procedures we can expect a remarkable change in the customary way of servicing customer. It will resolve issues such as long waiting queue and slow cooking of burgers.Company can now attend to the demand of its customers. With all of these, Hamburger Plus can salvage its image as...
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