Hamburger and Tourist Board

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  • Published : March 3, 2015
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Three promotions

Read the three case studies below.
Then discuss the questions that follow each one.

The famous fast food company, McDonald's,

launched Campaign 55 to hetp it compete
against rivals like Burger King and Wendy's.
They had a six-week promotion costing $3zo

million. McDonald's offered a Big Mac (a
type of hamburger) for 55 cents instead of
$r.9o. When customers were at the cash
register, they found that they had to buy
french fries and a drink at the full price to
get the cheap burger.
Why do you think this promotion was unpopular with McDonald's customers? How do you think McDonald's dealt with the situation?

lrish Tourist Board

The lrish Tourist Board used to have the shamrock (see

picture) as its symboll. Recently it spent froo,ooo
devetoping a new [ogo to attract tourists to lreland'.

The logo showed two people with their arms
outstretched in welcome. A tiny shamrock can be seen
between the two bodies.
The new logo was part of a campaign to promote

lreland as a modern country offering good food and
lt was put on all the Tourist Board's
promotional material. The tetevision and advertising


campaign included music by the wel[-known group The
Cranberries and showed pictures of a romantic, funloving lreland. lt was very successfuI abroad. Tourism increased by t4"/o in four months.

Unfortunately the lrish people didn't like the new
logo. The Minister of Tourism ordered the Tourist Board
to get rid of the logo and bring back the shamrock - or
something similar;.




Why do you think the lrish people distiked the
logo so much?
Was the Minister right to get rid of the togo?

Which logo do you prefer?

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