Echo Park In Los Angeles

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  • Published : September 25, 2014
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Angel Martinez Morales
Joseph Pendleton
September 11, 2014
Echo Park in Los Angeles
Echo Park in Los Angeles is a very nice place to go for a walk, run, and fishing. It is the neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. More than 3,000 people live by Echo Park, and has community centers, schools, and fast-food restaurants nearby. The park is pretty big and wide that anyone has an entrance to visit. The first thing you see when coming to the park is the lake centered in Echo Park. When standing by the lake, you can see the Downtown Los Angeles skyline. The lake is big, green, and fishes swim there. There are also seagulls and ducks. Around the lake is grass and trees to have picnics or naps. The citizens in Echo Park are mostly Latinos, than any race there is. About 400 people visit Echo Park per day, especially at night. People wear any type of clothes to Echo Park because it’s not hot or cold to be there. There’s also a playground on the other side of the lake where children can play. The equipment is made of hard poles, and it’s safe for the children. The people eat outside meals from hot dog stands, burger trucks and ice cream. The food is very good, cheap, and safe to eat. There are many food places to go to such as Burger King, or McDonald’s. Echo Park has special events like Independent Days for Central Americans, Fourth of July, and community events from schools and churches. Echo Park is one of the most popular neighborhood parks there is in Los Angeles. This park is similar to MacArthur Park in Los Angeles as well, except there’s no park but 1 lake and 2 soccer fields. I recommend you to visit sometime at Echo Park, it’s great for your family.
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