Cultural Immersion Experience

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  • Published : December 16, 2013
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Cultural Immersion Experience
Social/Cultural Foundations of Counseling

The experience that I had at the Jewish Museum was unlike anything I had anticipated. Right from the beginning, I was immersed in a culture that was so unfamiliar to me but so rich in history. I learned an array of different things from careers of early Jewish immigrants to the struggles they faced during World War II. As I went through the museum, I became more interested in this Jewish culture, which I knew so little about. One of the most interesting aspects of the museum, in my opinion, was the information regarding World War II and the Holocaust. Over 2,000 Jewish men and women from the Milwaukee area served in World War II. While these men and women were fighting, other Jewish men, women, and children were being demoralized from human beings to less than animals. These men, women, and children suffered horrible deaths after being ripped from their families with no warning or reason. In my opinion, for the Jewish culture to survive such a catastrophe is simply amazing. These men and women had enough faith in their culture that they continued it after a mass extinction of their people. The term “Jewish” often gets a negative connotation and these extraordinary men, women, and children are often looked down upon. Many different parts of the museum highlighted that this is simply not correct. Aside from their bravery, these men and women are no different than we are. They celebrate Rosh Hashanah just as we celebrate the New Year. They share family meals and celebrate births and weddings just as we do. One of the biggest revelations that came to me at the museum was the fact that the Jewish culture is not as different from my own as I previously thought. I was very interested to learn that many people from the Milwaukee area were and still are a part of Judaism. When learning about something that is...
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