Computers and Sociology

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  • Published : December 20, 2013
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Comp. In Liberal Arts
Computers and Sociology

Sociologists study societies and social behavioral patterns through an analysis of social, political, religious and economic groups. Sociologist study society combining both theoretical and practical methods. Sociology is based around four major components: social, cultural, physical, and demographic. How individuals form social groups and the means of how they develop is an intricate determinant for a sociologist’s conclusions. Sociologists specialize in various areas including family dynamics, race and ethnicity, war and revolution, gender roles, socioeconomics and much more. Sociologists are geared to be curious and observant. Always concerned with observing, analyzing, defining, testing, and explaining human behavior. There is no area of modern life where a sociological perspective is of no value. From marketing to business to criminology to medicine to government, the research provided by sociologist improves sales, increases production, shape social policies, resolve socials injustice and promotes political platforms. Statistics and computers are a key component to the work of a sociologist. Strong analytical skills, data gathering, survey methods and computer techniques are the foundation of sociology.

In today’s age of computer expansion is neither person nor thing left unaffected by computers. Computers are using in almost every field of work and aspect of life. Since the 1980’s after computers were mainly using for warfare assistance, computers are used on a daily basis. Whether it is at home, school, or the workplace computers and the technology, which it brought about, is commonly used all over the world. The affect computers have had on society has been immeasurable, with many advantages and few disadvantages. In the past the only way for long distance communication was through he letter system. Now we still use the letter system but the speed of the Internet is nowhere near reasonable...
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